​​​​​​​​​​​Getting Started:

You and your family may be matched up with one or more of our

clinicians trained to work in areas where more focus is needed. Our team works collaboratively to address the situation from different perspectives. Our competent clinicians are assigned based on language, service need, location, and availability.

Co- Parenting / Parallel Class Room Course 



Parenting without Violence does not mean you are a PERPETRATOR of violence. This class is designed to help you learn alternatives to violence, what to do when there is violence, and what to do after violence. This also provides you information on how to be aware of violence and how to make positive changes.

What if there is a restraining order and both parents need to take the class?

Its not uncommon for parents who are divorcing or going through custody issues to have restraining orders. The completed registration paperwork allows for us to screen the names of the parents. The screening process is also used to assist with the orders of the court. All parents must complete intake paperwork. The restrained parties will be asked to attend separately should both parents sign up for the same class.

In home one-on-one parent education: 

This curriculum is provided to you in your home, at a convenient place, or our office. Our semi-flexible schedule accommodates most everyone. We address concerns that are mentioned by any referring party or goals set by you. The in-home parenting option is usually used by those who:

  • have uncommon or complicated issues
  • want to keep their situation private
  • are busy and need flexibility in scheduling
  • have more than one child
  • have developmental challenges - parents or children
  • need transportation
  • are single parents

Parent Education:

Behavior Modification: 

Developmental and Adolescent Parenting: 

Single parenting:  

Individual Therapy: 

Parent Solutions has Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW) and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT) to provide individual therapy to children, adults, older adults, couples and families. Goals may be set by the referring party or court order.

Co-Parent / Parallel Therapy:

Reintegration Therapy: 


Start Date                                Time                 Course                      6 Weeks

January 9, 2020                     6-7 pm              Co-Parenting/Parallel Parenting

March 5, 2020                        6-7 pm               Co-Parenting/Parallel Parenting

April 23, 2020                         6-7 pm               Co-Parenting/Parallel Parenting

Parallel Parenting presents itself when parents are not making every day decisions together. There is minimal communication and allows for tension to decrease. This course will teach you how to communicate in this parenting plan.

Co-Parenting is best when the parents are able to communicate effectively on a semi-normal to normal amounts of time without a lot of tension and conflict. This course will provide information regarding building a stronger relationship with the other parent while learning how to communicate with your children about the current parenting situations.

Please read your court order for which class is recommended. You may enroll in both classes.

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