In 2008 Parent Solutions was created to help parents understand the

critical role they play in how their children interact with the world externally

and process the world internally.  We provide individual guidance,

parent education and extra support families need when changes happen. 

Parent Solutions offer a variety of services in English and Spanish.

We provide services to multiple counties throughout California and have offices in

San Jose and Morgan Hill.

Parent Solutions is built with a strong foundation of collaborative clinicians who

are trained in specialty areas to assist your family with every-day to complex

situations. Our team of Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Marriage

Family therapists, and associates have specialized training many areas. Most

of the team has worked together in different capacities for over 10 years. Because

we work collaboratively, we have clinicians who specialize to work with

children 0-5 years in individual therapy, high-conflict child custody situations

that include co-parenting and reunification, anger management, parenting 

adolescents and teens, Individual therapy for adults and older adults,

domestic violence, and child abuse.


One-on-One in-home parenting       

Parenting classes (all ages)

Developmental Parenting

High-risk Teen parent education

16-week Parenting without violence

Co-Parent and Parallel class

Therapeutic Supervised visitation


Co-parent counseling/therapy

Individual therapy for children and adults

Couples counseling  

High conflict therapy

Reunification / Reconnection therapy

Family therapy

All services are  approved by the court. 

We can provide a certificate
of completion when the minimum

requirements have been met.

Insurance and payments accepted:

Victim Witness
Funding from the Department of Family and Children Services
Aetna & Aetna EAP

Valley Health Plan 

Other forms of payments such as cash, credit, and checks are accepted.

Additional Payment information:

All services listed above require payment at time of service and may require a retainer

Some services are not insurance eligible

Other insurance may be able to cover the cost of your needs

For cash, credit or check paying clients: Services are provided on a sliding scale

Cost for services depend on which service we provide. Please call for additional information regarding pricing per service

If you receive more than one individual service need with us, we will provide you with a multi-

service rate

Complete the contact form below and we will call or email you within 48 hours.

Because no two families are the same ...


Response to COVID - 19

Parent Solutions

1885 The Alameda Ste. 120

San Jose, Ca. 95126

Our Purpose is...

To provide families with guidance to promote

respect with positive interactions and enhance healthy communication.